During the last three years, the ICEE Annual Conference has grown tremendously. The 2014, 2015, and 2016 post-conference satisfaction survey results indicate a high level of satisfaction with the ICEE conferences as shown in the chart below. Also, these survey results suggest opportunities for improvements that the ICEE board takes into account in the planning of future conferences.


Some the key indicators/metrics to measure success are conference staff performance, quality of contacts made during the event, relevance of conference content, and recommending the conference to others. Each indicator improved in 2016 or closely maintained results from 2015 and 2014 survey results as presented in the following chart:

Feedback and Comments

A selection of testimonials and typical comments from participants includes:

Conference YearFeedback
2016 Conference"A very well organized, informative, inspiring and friendly conference". "The quality of the lectures was really high this year, my compliments! And the moderators did a really good job as well".
2015 Conference"Congratulations! It was a fantastic experience!" "I loved the opportunity to network with colleagues from other countries with different perspectives. I think Exhibition Exchange can play a valuable role in breaking down barriers and building mutual respect".
2014 Conference"You met all expectations I had before the conference". "It was my first experience with ICEE and I was really satisfied about the programme".













Past Keynote Speakers and Presenters

A selection of previous Keynote Speakers includes:  

Conference YearKeynote Speaker
2016 ConferenceArturo Dell'Acqua Bellavitis. President, Triennale Design Museum. Milan, Italy.
 Myriam Springuel. Director, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. Washington, D.C., USA.
2015 ConferenceWim Pijbes. General Director, Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2014 ConferenceMichael John Gorman. CEO, Science Gallery International. Dublin, Ireland.

The 2016 ICEE Conference Report is available here