The International Council of Museums ICOM works for society and its development. It is committed to ensuring the conservation, and protection of cultural goods. As one of ICOM’s 31 International Committees, the mission of the ICEE is to provide a global forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences related to the circulation and exchange of exhibitions in all disciplines. 

Every year, the ICEE seeks the financial support of sponsors and partners to create more opportunities for our members and other exhibition professionals in the global museum community to get together, share knowledge, experiences, and learn. 

The generous support ICEE receives allows us to increase the participation of museum and exhibition professionals from emerging economies and underrepresented countries in our programs and activities. Through the financial support of donors and sponsors, the ICEE is able to provide professional development opportunities to young museum and exhibition professionals worldwide. 

On behalf of the board of the ICEE, I would like to extend you an invitation to support our programs and activities, especially the Annual Conference, the Travel Grant Program, and the upcoming Webinar Series. With your support:

  • We will facilitate more dialogues and learning experiences among exhibition professionals in the global museum community. 
  • We will contribute to the education and professional development of present and future generations of museums and exhibition professionals. 
  • We will help museums to provide greater access than ever before to their exhibition content, building bridges across cultures and engaging diverse audiences.  
  • We will provide more opportunities to connect, share, discuss, exchange, learn, and thrive. 

I invite you to join us in the fascinating journey of knowledge and exhibition exchange. 


Antonio Rodríguez
Chairman of the Board, International Committee for Exhibition Exchange 

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at