2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Over the next three years, the ICEE will be focused on strengthening its network of international collaborators in order to increase the visibility of the annual conferences and the services the committee provides to its members. These collaborators include museums, ICOM national and international committees, public and private foundations and similar organizations around the world.  The ICEE will also be focused on developing new programs and activities beyond the annual conferences that increase the visibility throughout the year. These new initiatives aim to provide continuing professional and organizational development for the individual and institutional members. 

The ICEE 2016-2019 Strategic Plan describes how the ICEE intends to achieve its mission and vision through tactical goals and actions. In particular, the Plan focuses on the goals of visibility, leadership, strategic partnerships and collaborations, as well as professional development and the institutional capacity of ICEE members.

The following five strategic goals support the ICEE's ability to bring together museum and exhibition exchange professionals throughout the world to discuss relevant topics related to exhibition development, circulation and exchange. Success in achieving each goal in the Strategic Plan will be assessed primarily through performance measures that have been included and will be reported in the ICEE Annual Reports.  The Strategic Goals are:

1.  Consolidate the ICEE as a leading international exhibition exchange platform.

2.  Enhance the ICEE Annual Conference experience as a multicultural and multidisciplinary platform for discussion of relevant topics related to exhibition exchange.

3.  Foster strategic partnerships and collaborations as a way to create added value, generate synergies, and win-win situations.

4.  Build leadership capacity by providing professional and institutional development programs for ICEE members.

5.  Maintain effective communication channels and develop new tools to improve internal communications with ICEE members.

For more information, please review About the ICEE, available here, and The 2016 -2019 Strategic Plan available here