Who are ICEE Annual Conference attendees?

Every year, the ICEE Annual Conference travels to different cultural scenarios around the world, attracting a wide range of professionals and experts representing different areas of the museum and exhibition field.  Over the last three years, a diverse group of museums and exhibition professionals, private sector representatives and students from all over the world have participated in the ICEE Annual Conference. Their ideas and experiences have provided a unique multicultural and multidisciplinary platform for the discussion of relevant topics related to exhibition development, circulation and exchange.  The following table presents the numerical distribution in detail:  

Where do ICEE annual conference attendees come from?
•    In 2014, attendees from 26 countries participated in the ICEE Annual Conference in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere and Mänttä; Finland. 

•    In 2015, attendees from 24 countries participated in the ICEE Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

•    In 2016, attendees from 27countries participated in the ICEE Annual Conference in Milano, Italy. 

Museum Professionals78%86%70%
Private Sector Representatives15%10%8%
Keynote and Guest Speakers3%2%10%

How many times participants have attended the ICEE Annual Conference?

According to the 2014, 2015, and 2016 post-conference survey results, participants attending the ICEE conference for the first time represented the largest group of attendees. Based on these findings, the ICEE Conference focuses on providing networking and business development opportunities aimed at developing new collaborations and strengthening current partnerships.

What motivated participants to attend the ICEE Annual Conference?

Networking and content are identified as the main reasons for attending the ICEE Annual Conference. These survey results reiterated the ICEE’s efforts to maintain and improve the networking opportunities throughout the 2017 conference program.


Participating Organizations

Since 2008, a significant group of museums, exhibition & services providers, foundations, academia, museum associations, and government institutions have participated in the ICEE Annual Conference. A selection of participating organizations is included in the ICEE Annual Conference Booklet available here