The Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas
The Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas is held once a year during the ICEE annual conference. Structured as a series of short lightening-style talks, the ICEE Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas session provides a unique networking platform to reach all ICEE conference attendees. During this session, museum and exhibition professionals are invited to present their touring exhibition projects and/or projects in development in order to make new contacts and foster partnership building.

Why include a Marketplace of Exhibition and Ideas?  
The annual Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas conference session provides a dynamic platform to learn about a wide variety of touring exhibitions and other exhibition-related projects in development around the world. The session facilitates invaluable international networking opportunities for both presenters and attendees.

How does the ICEE Marketplace of Exhibition and Ideas session work?  
The Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas session is held during the third day of the annual conference. The session usually includes between 20-25 presentations and lasts 2.5 hours including a 30-minute networking break. Marketplace presenters have between 6-10 minutes to:

  • Promote their top exhibition projects on tour or under planning. 
  • Present one of several innovative ideas concerning new concepts, methods, techniques or other means with the connection of communication new approaches in international exhibition exchange.

The session includes a special desk for sharing printed or digital marketing materials for promoting the touring exhibition activities. 

Starting in 2017, the participants will be selected based on one page proposals. The guidelines for submission will be available in June 2017. Special considerations are given to exhibitions projects and ideas directed to small and medium size museums.

International Participation
Over the last three years, the Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas has promoted exhibitions, projects, and ideas developed by museums, touring organizations, and museum professionals from all over the world as presented in the below table:


·       Australia·       Australia·       Austria
·       Austria·       Austria·       Canada
·       France·       Canada·       China
·       Germany·       France·       Finland
·       Italy·       Italy·       France
·       Japan·       South Africa,·       Iran
·       Russia·       Switzerland·       Italy
·       Switzerland·       Taiwan·       Netherlands
·       United Kingdom ·       Taiwan
·       USA ·       United Kingdom
  ·       USA

Overall Satisfaction and Key Performance Indicators

During the last three years, the overall satisfaction with the Marketplace of Exhibitions and Ideas has significantly improved. The post-conference satisfaction survey results and feedback from participants evidenced the value of this session. 

In 2016, and for the first time, all marketplace indicators received scores above the 70% minimum level of satisfaction. The historical assessment of overall satisfaction and key performance indicators are presented in the chart below:



overallsatisfaction and key performance icee.JPG

Participating Institutions

A selection of participating institutions includes:

•  Nomad Exhibitions, Paris/France
•  Public Works Research Institute, Gifu/Japan
•  Contemporanea Progetti, Florence/Italy
•  Barbican Centre, London/United Kingdom
•  Victoria And Albert Museum, London/United Kingdom
•  The Field Museum, Chicago/USA
•  MuseumsPartner, Innsbruck/Austria
•  Western Cape Government, Cape Town/South Africa
•  The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, Lausanne/Switzerland
•  National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung /Taiwan
•  Informal Learning Experiences, USA
•  Chinese Museum Association / Tianyu Cultural Group, China
•  Expona, Bolzano/Italy
•  De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
•  National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh/United Kingdom
•  Vastari Group, London/United Kingdom
•  American Museum of Natural History, New York/USA
•  SITES, Washington DC/USA

Feedback and Comments

A selection of testimonials and typical comments from participants includes:

Conference YearFeedback
2016 Conference"Always a great moment and a nice format".
2015 Conference"Already did a follow up. I wouldn't mind the marketplace being half an hour longer, or with a break of half an hour after the Marketplace, to be able to talk to the speakers".
2014 Conference"The market place was very well organized and I was impressed with the speakers, who overall were perfectly in their timing!"