The 2018 ICEE-ICFA Annual Conference

November 11-17, 2018

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

hosted by "la Caixa" Foundation


The ICEE mission is to provide a global forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to the circulation and exchange of exhibitions in all disciplines.

For more information about the 2018 ICEE Conference, please contact us at:

About ICEE

The International Committee for Exhibition Exchange (ICEE) was established in 1980 during the 12th ICOM Triennial conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Acknowledging the growing importance of traveling exhibitions in the museum sector, ICOM granted the ICEE official status as an International Committee in 1983 during the 13th ICOM Triennial Conference in London, United Kingdom. Shortly after, the first ICEE Annual Conference was held in 1984 in Washington DC, USA, hosted by the Smithsonian Institution.  Since 1983, annual conferences have been held in over 25 countries.