Thank you for your interest in joining ICOM's International Committee for Exhibition Exchange (ICEE)! In order to become an ICEE member you must first become a member of ICOM through your National Committee. Please refer to the ICOM website for more information about how to join ICOM.

Once you have become a member of ICOM, you are eligible to apply for membership to an ICOM International Committee. Please refer to the ICOM website for a detailed list of all International Committees

In order to apply to be a member of the ICEE, you must fill in the International Committee Membership Application Form (see below PDF) and send it to the email address listed on the form. The ICOM secretariat will then inform the ICEE Board that you have become a member and you will be added to our membership mailing list. 

Application Forms: Please use one of the following forms according to your preferable language: 
Membership Form- English
Membership Form- French 
Membership Form- Spanish

For more information about the ICEE Membership process please contact us at