2019 ICEE Board Elections

The International Committee for Exhibition Exchange, ICOM ICEE, is seeking 6 new Board members for the 2019-2021 term. The ICEE Board consists of a group of 10 elected board members including a President, Secretary, and Treasurer as well as 7 regular board members.

A new ICEE Board is elected every three years ahead of the ICOM triennial conference. Board members can serve a 3-year term of office and a maximum of two consecutive terms, if elected. A member of the Board may subsequently be elected as the President of the committee. In addition to the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer, ICEE Board members share a wide variety of tasks to promote and grow the work of the ICEE, including:

  • Social media content development and coordination

  • ICEE Conference and institutional websites management

  • ICEE webinar series development, promotion and coordination

  • Participation on ICOM committee working groups

  • Other important tasks linked to the planning and management of the ICEE annual conference, including, but

    not limited to: content planning, travel grant coordination, event planning and partnership development, sponsorship coordination, as well as travel logistics.

  • Coordination of ICEE elections

  • Election procedures will be in accordance with procedures established and published by the ICEE Board.

  • Election of ICEE Board members will be held online during the months of July-August 2019 via Simply Voting.

  • ICEE individual and institutional members will receive individual invitations and instructions on how to complete their vote via the email address associated with their ICOM membership.

  • Election of board members will be by confirmation vote of six eligible members.

  • Each voting member shall be entitled to confirm as many as six candidates as they feel are qualified to hold a Board seat. Proxy votes shall not be allowed.

  • Election results will be announced in mid-August.

  • The new board will be officially presented during the 2019 ICEE Business Meeting, as part of the 2019 ICEE Conference on Sep 1-7, in Kyoto-Japan.

Background Information About Candidates and Returning Board Members

Please click HERE to access nomination forms from each candidate with further information about them, their interests/qualifications (new Board Members)

Please click HERE to access information from returning board members with further information about them, their interests/qualifications (returning board members are not subject to confirmation).

For questions, please email us at programs.icee.icom@gmail.com